La Carrera 240 z

Tel: 209-610-8005

253 Rickenbacker Suite A, Livermore, CA 94551

Restoration for Vintage racing 

Datsun 240z and 510 

Race car building

We build vintage racecars like a contractor remodels a historic building- we do some of the work in house and we sublet some. The final product is a labor of love from hands that are experienced and meet out demanding standards. What we look for is the classic Form follows function rule - if it is on one of out cars it is there for a reason!

Some of our subcontractors: 

  • Rebello Racing Engines
  • Troy Ermish Inc.
  • Tolle Fab

Testing and Tuning

Without extensive pre -race dyno and track testing you will be surprised to find out what can go wrong during the race.

  • Dyno testing on a chassis dyno to set fuel and ignition timing
  • Track testing at Sears Point /Sonoma raceway or Thunderhill
  • Road testing on local roads to simulate rally conditions

Trackside support and transport

Let us get the car there and keep you going. With years of experience we know what to bring and what to look out for.